Providing Life Celebrations for 24 years

Crane Funeral Services introduce life celebrations and competitive discounts for RSL / DVA pensioners. Based at the gateway to the Mornington Peninsula, Damian Meehan has set up Crane Funeral Services with his wife Kelly Yang, and some select, caring staff members.

They offer families a place to come in grief to seek information, assistance, and comfort. The couple believe every life is worthy of a meaningful celebration. “We think that family involvement in the process can assist people in moving forward into a new reality after the loss of a loved one.”

Crane Funeral Services and RSL / DVA Pensioner Discounts

To alleviate the added burden of increasingly expensive funerals, Crane Funeral Services offer RSL / DVA Pensioner funeral discounts. Damian says “We wish to honour our Veterans with a fitting farewell when their time comes. To this end, RSL / DVA Pensioners will be given 10% off our Funeral Services. For all people – pensioners or otherwise – we will help you share, remember, and create ceremonies to honour the lives of your loved one.”

Damian’s parents worked as funeral directors for some years, and he learnt about funerals from them and that funeral business. “After serving my funeral ‘apprenticeship’ 20 years ago in Swan Hill, Victoria, I moved to Melbourne and I’ve been working in funerals ever since,” he says. Quality funerals mixed with good old fashioned ‘country’ service remain important to him to this day.

Steven Bell, Director of AAA Plaques in Melbourne sums up Damian’s passion – “Damian has a knack with being able to help people in their time of need with skills far beyond the basic funeral care. You can be sure of getting a professional and caring funeral should you decide to employ the services of Damian and 
his Company.”

Celebration of Life Services

Funerals in Australia have remained quite traditional over the years. However, Damian and Kelly mention recent changes including funerals becoming more celebratory, showcasing the unique life of the deceased. The days of funerals being a sombre occasion are slowly changing in that way”.

Damian says “Environmental considerations are also increasing in funerals. Our caskets and coffins are made in Australia with local E0 customwood, which contains no formaldehyde unlike the MDF of years ago. We can also source quality Australian made cardboard coffins. The embalming products we use day to day are also eco friendly, and in fact are endorsed by the Green Burial Council. These two changes alone make Crane Funeral Service’s eco footprint much ‘greener’.”

As Australia pushes towards more environmentally friendly funeral options, the recent glut of cheap Chinese coffin imports should also fall to the wayside. Smart consumers realise that coffins constructed overseas and shipped 9000km or more negatively affect the environment. Chinese coffin imports not only harm Mother Nature, they also harm Australian manufacturing jobs. If you’re concerned about these points, it might be a good idea to ask your funeral director where their coffins come from.

The team at Crane Funeral Services see themselves as a little different. “We like to extend customer service to an idea of ‘human service’. We care for families as fellow humans as opposed to customers or numbers. People need the opportunity to grieve, and the chance to gather their thoughts about what style of funeral will suit their loved one. Working with families by offering care and guidance is very rewarding, and a privilege for us. We don’t rush people or try to push them in any way against their wishes”. Crane Funeral Services offer a genuine, helping relationship during your time of need. “We understand the individuality of each family, and provide respect and fairness throughout the entire funeral process”

In a difficult industry – sometimes plagued with controversy – Damian and Kelly tackle the challenges of their job with a caring and helpful approach to all. “Being available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and dealing in loss, grief, and sadness every day can be hard. “When families give us their heartfelt thanks for helping them make it through the experience, it’s special and much appreciated. This isn’t so much just our job, it’s who we are”.

The Company seeks to build relationships that are mutually beneficial. They can continue to enjoy their work, and families can be looked after by a funeral provider who has the deceased’s and the family’s best interests at heart now, and in times of future need.

“We aim to always be available, and to offer value and personalised service. We provide information clearly on our website and social media. We help Communities and families pre plan funerals, and we provide resources to educate people about funerals and death care. Our aim is to provide a one stop place for people to offer sympathy and support to family and friends, by leaving condolences or sending flowers or gifts”.

Crane Funeral Services operate between their business address in Ormond, and their home area of Somerville. They serve families in all suburbs of Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula. Offering a No Hidden Fee guarantee, and a 100% Service Satisfaction Guarantee. Providing personalised funerals, and open, caring service – all with added RSL / DVA Pensioner assistance.