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How to arrange a funeral – Crane Funerals

The question of how to arrange a funeral is one that often confuses people. Most people don’t have to organise a lot of funerals throughout their lives. This lack of ‘experience’ can make the process baffling and scary for the unprepared. On top of this, no matter how you cope through the experience, it is also one of the most important things you will ever have to do. To this end, it is a good idea to at least have a general idea of the funeral process before you need to arrange one. At Crane Funerals, we help you navigate the process more easily, while offering Pensioner funeral discounts of 15% off our Service Fees, and 10% off our casket and coffin prices.

Preliminary considerations

Before meeting with a Funeral Director, it is often a good idea to have preliminary discussions with your family where possible. Not only will sharing your anticipated loss and subsequent grief help to slightly dampen its initial shock, but you will also be able to discuss some of the funeral options available to you. This step can also help to reduce the amount of overwhelm you will feel when the time does come.

Traditional funeral or Celebration of Life?

During this early stage it is good to attempt to pinpoint as a family what your loved one’s wishes may have been. You should of course consider what you all feel might make a fitting farewell as well. Normally the most personalised and fitting Celebrations for a loved one are arrived at through this style of compromise.

Weighing up the pros and cons of a unique funeral

When you meet with Crane Funerals we will work with you to create a unique funeral service for your loved one. We help you sift through the many choices, explaining the pros and cons at your request, and your special ideas will be incorporated into the arrangement. Our special resources and expertise help facilitate the Service you have in mind.

The process of arranging a funeral is always working towards a meaningful Service for you and your family. The Service of course should also have meaning for the deceased, and serves as a way to honour their life as you farewell them for the last time. You can be honest and think creatively during this time, as expressing your heartfelt wishes is what leads to a special funeral for all concerned.

How to arrange a funeral – the finer details

When the time comes to arrange a funeral, Crane Funerals help you by coming to meet with you in the comfort of your own home. At this meeting we can discuss with you all of the finer details you will need to consider. We will arrange with you the Venue for the funeral, the Celebrant or Clergy member, order of Service booklets, tribute dvd’s, funeral and death notices, the style of coffin you require, music and so on. We handle all of the associated paperwork to ensure that all regulations are met before the funeral goes ahead. You only have one chance to farewell your loved one, we help you do it the right way – your way.

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