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Creative Ideas For Celebrating A Wonderful Life

A funeral is so much more than a way to say goodbye. It’s also the last opportunity to celebrate the life of someone special to you. If a loved one has died and you’re planning a funeral, don’t be limited by tradition – history needn’t dictate the Venue or Ceremony style. Funerals are changing to […]

The Role of Rituals and Traditions in The Grieving Process

Rituals and traditions reflect a fundamental system of values that help bind us together. They have stood the test of time because they offer ways to tackle grief and process it in a way to help us move forward into a new and altered way of living. The traditions that surround the grieving process also […]

The Benefits of Pre-Planning a Funeral

The benefits of pre-planning a funeral

Have you discussed with your loved ones the details of what should happen when you pass away?  Or are you like most – waiting for the right time?  Of course, there might never be a “right” time to have this conversation, but there is another way . . . Where instead of fearing our mortality, […]

TAC Funerals in Melbourne Support After a Traffic Accident

Thankfully, not many of us will ever face the heartache of losing someone to a tragic, sudden accident. Our heart goes out to families that do receive that gut wrenching phone call or visit from the Police. It’s a terrible event that no one ever asks for or wants. It hits like a sledgehammer and […]

Here… or The Hereafter

One minute you’re here… … And the next… … Mike and I were married for 14 happy years and had an active social life and many interests together. We were “here” for each other. “Here” for our children. “Here” for pastimes. “Here” for work. “Here” for the good times and the bad. When he left […]

Xiaomei Cheng Funeral Notice

Chinese funeral - Cheng Xiaomei photo

Cheng Xiaomei – 07/06/1951 ~ 07/10/2020 In the care of Crane Funerals Cheng Xiaomei’s family thank you for your support during this difficult time. Due to ongoing covid restrictions, a small gathering was held at St. Cuthbert’s Chapel in Menzies Creek on the 14th of October. Xiaomei’s funeral was live streamed to family and friends […]

How to arrange a funeral


How to arrange a funeral – Crane Funerals The question of how to arrange a funeral is one that often confuses people. Most people don’t have to organise a lot of funerals throughout their lives. This lack of ‘experience’ can make the process baffling and scary for the unprepared. On top of this, no matter how you […]

Embalming – A dying art or blessing in disguise?


As a Funeral Director for many years, I’ve heard a lot of arguments for and against embalming. As a respectful and caring professional, it’s part of my job to empathise with the reasoning behind people’s distaste of funerals and embalming. Many people have often been informed that the process is very invasive, costly, and unnecessary. […]

Crane Funeral Services – Introductory Blog

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Crane Funeral Services introduce life celebrations and competitive discounts for RSL / DVA pensioners. Based at the gateway to the Mornington Peninsula, Damian Meehan has set up Crane Funeral Services with his wife Kelly Yang, and some select, caring staff members. They offer families a place to come in grief to seek information, assistance, and […]