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The Catholic Funeral Mass is our final opportunity to commend the deceased to God’s mercy.

This sacred commendation must be done with reverence. It is one of the most important events the Catholic community celebrates in a person’s life.

Our Director, Damian Meehan, is a second-generation Catholic Funeral Director. He has arranged and assisted with many hundreds of Catholic Funeral Masses over the years. From Regional Victoria, to Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula.

The Catholic funeral Mass provides hope our loved one might not die but live forever. It’s a very meaningful way for the Christian community to come together in support for the grieving family.

Promise Of Eternal Life

At the Catholic Funeral Mass, the casket is covered with a white pall. This reminds us of the white baptismal gown. And we bless the casket with holy water. This is another reminder of baptism – the day we were first given the promise of eternal life. And the Priest will wear white vestments, further reminding us of the promise we received at baptism. 

The paschal candle at the Church altar reminds us of the light of Christ. It acts to dispel the darkness of death, and further promises eternal life. 

During the Catholic funeral, the Eucharist is a source of life, strength, and nourishment. It is also an offering of thanksgiving. Part of the consolation is in offering praise to God. The focus is not just on the deceased, but on Jesus too.

To be buried as Christ was buried remains a value of great importance to many Catholics. Before final commendations, the Priest blesses the casket with incense. This reminds us that their prayers are rising to heaven. And the deceased’s soul may rise in the same way to be with God.

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Let us help you through this time, when your loved one has passed away. We support you with all your Catholic funeral needs. We do many Catholic Masses for different Cultures. We would be honoured to care for your loved one and support your family.

We’re known for our warmth, professional and understanding approach. So, if your family needs some added peace through a difficult time. Let us help your family arrange this final sacrament and farewell your loved one as well as possible.

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