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Recycled Cardboard coffins have found a small niche market in Australian Funerals. The most experienced and respected natural burial / green funeral Organisation in the World is the Green Burial Council (GBC).
The GBC – and other relevant Environmental groups – approve cardboard coffins as suitable for use in natural burial grounds. To determine what is approved, the GBC has guidelines about “products” set out for your perusal here – what constitutes an Eco / Green funeral product.

We list here a brief rundown of the information on their website:

  • Certain criteria must be met in order for a product to meet the stringent guidelines to earn an “environmentally friendly” or “green” label.
  • Products are to be constructed from sustainably sourced plant derived, recycled plant derived, natural, animal, or unfired earthen materials, including shell, liner, and adornments.
  • Fasteners and handles (other than brass or chrome ones) are excluded from this requirement. A product will not be approved if such hardware is deemed by the GBC as excessive or inefficiently made or used. Manufacturing processes in Australia are amongst the cleanest and most efficient in the World. We know the handles on all of our coffins (not just the cardboard ones on this page) are efficiently made and used by a quality Australian Company.
  • Finishes and adhesives should not release toxic by-products within the ground during the processes of breakdown.

Each GBC approved product is given a rating based on the following criteria being met:

  • Finishes and adhesives do not release toxic by-products within the facility where product is manufactured. Our Australian manufacturer ticks this box with clean, environmentally friendly, First World practices. Tick ✔︎
  • Finishes and adhesives do not contain plastics, acrylics, or similar synthetic polymeric materials. Our manufacturer does use synthetic gloss on some coffins to make them look nice and shiny like most coffins do. Miss the tick here. Χ. However, we can change this very simply by having our manufacturer forgo the gloss finish at your request. Tick. ✔︎
  • Shell is made from material harvested in an environmentally sustainable manner as certified by a third-party trust provider recognised by the GBC or from reclaimed/ recycled materials. Our Australian manufacturer uses environmentally sustainably sourced solid timbers, or E0 particleboard that is Australian Forestry Standard approved, and endorsed by the Programme For The Endorsement Of Forest Certification. Tick. ✔︎
  • Product utilises a liner that is comprised of “organic” material as certified by a third-party trust provider recognised by the GBC. Our coffin liners are made with a non food grade vegetable extract sheet as opposed to a standard plastic liner, so another tick for our Australian manufacturer. ✔︎ Most of the material ‘trims’ in our coffins however are not organic (except for the Mallee Boy). We can of course trim any coffin in organic material if your wish is to replace aesthetics with organic product. However for most coffins we use the standard flannel, plisse, or satin materials because most families feel the extra comfort and quality for their loved one is important. The other option open to you is that we can put the non organic trim in for the viewing, but remove it before cremation or burial if you would like us to. This simple step leaves a tick for this criterion. ✔︎
  • Neither the transportation of any component material to manufacturing location, nor the transportation of final product to consumer exceeds 3000 miles. This point is particularly important in today’s World where cheap Chinese coffin imports are claiming to be “green”, while also hurting Australian manufacturers. Coffins imported long distances are not as green as you may be led to believe. Our coffins are made in Footscray with sustainably sourced Australian materials. They are NOT transported 8-10,000km like many coffins in the market are. Tick ✔︎

GBC Leaf Rating:

The GBC uses a “leaf” rating depending on how many of the above criteria are met by a product claiming to be green or environmentally friendly. 1 Criterion met earns a “One Leaf ” Rating, 2-3 Criteria met earns a “Two Leaf ” Rating, 4-5 Criteria met earns a “Three Leaf ” Rating.

Our coffin range all meets the highest Three Leaf rating; all except our 3 metal caskets and our ‘Yarra’ coffin which is made from sustainably sourced yet imported wood. We believe this is more than coffins imported from overseas could receive, regardless of the material they are constructed with. Our Mallee Boy coffin, as well as the Lifeart coffins that we have listed on this page actually receive a tick in each box. If you are interested in a green or natural funeral you need look no further. Also, for those who simply like the sentimentality of the “bury me in a cardboard box/coffin” idea, we offer the below choices for you also.


How many Funeral Director’s selling you cardboard coffins in Melbourne and Victoria can advertise that they are ALL Australian Made? Crane Funeral Services belongs to the select few. We won’t sell you a cheap imported version – in fact we refuse to – the Environment is more important to us than that. Below is a sample of the local cardboard coffins that we have available for sale. Our Cardboard Coffins are Australian made to protect our environment from waste and from imported coffins that burn fuels when travelling great distances. For those who wish to peruse a full list of the Australian cardboard coffins that you can purchase through us
please visit the ‘Lifeart Australia’ cardboard coffin website

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