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TAC Funerals in Melbourne Support After a Traffic Accident

Thankfully, not many of us will ever face the heartache of losing someone to a tragic, sudden accident.

Our heart goes out to families that do receive that gut wrenching phone call or visit from the Police. It’s a terrible event that no one ever asks for or wants. It hits like a sledgehammer and you really aren’t sure where to turn.

Yet after the sudden shock and disbelief, slowly there comes a realisation that you must now arrange a funeral. A funeral you assumed would’ve – should’ve – come much much later.

At Crane Funerals we have helped many families through the tragedy of a sudden loss relating to traffic accidents. We not only offer patient care and assistance, but we also help you by cutting through all the red tape needed to arrange TAC funerals in Melbourne.

The TAC has long offered assistance to those who die as a result of a transport accident. The benefit amount depends on each family’s circumstances. TAC financial support for funerals also covers counselling, bereavement travel and accommodation, as well as added support for dependents. It can really help ease the emotional and financial burden on families at an already difficult time.

Crane Funerals has helped many families with TAC funeral claims. You don’t need to worry about all the red tape, paperwork and extra information necessary to apply for the funeral benefits with the TAC. We do this for you while also arranging the exact type of funeral you have in mind to say your heartfelt farewell to your loved one.

Such as the Malaysian family we recently helped following the sudden loss of their brother / son in a traffic accident in Melbourne. When they received the news, they had no idea how to proceed. There was no family here in Australia. It was a friend of the deceased who found Crane Funerals when searching for funeral assistance.

The young man had died in a traffic accident when he was hit and killed by a car while riding his motorbike as part of his job. When the family contacted us we were able to assure them of the fact that their brother’s funeral would be covered by the TAC. We chatted with them and took down all the pertinent details that we would need to proceed on their behalf.

We liaised with the TAC and filled in all the necessary paperwork. We kept the family informed each step of the way so they would be aware of what was happening. While this was happening in the background we also liaised with the Coroners regarding the case, and of course began arranging details for the funeral service. As there was no family in Australia, the funeral here was to be for the deceased’s friends. We also arranged livestreaming for those overseas who couldn’t make it to the funeral.

We helped arrange everything for this young man’s funeral. Via Zoom and email, the family were able to choose flowers, a special coffin, the booklets, a photo tribute and livestream. We set up an online tribute page for family and friends to leave messages and pay their respects. We arranged the Monk to conduct the Service for the family, as well as taking care of special cultural considerations also.

During the same period, we had liaised with the young man’s employer, considering he had died while working. They came to the assistance of the family also and helped cover the costs of a funeral service for him in Malaysia. To that end, we followed up by arranging the repatriation of his ashes back to his family so that the memorial service could go ahead.

One important thing to keep in mind is that you don’t need to rush your decisions. Take some time to absorb the shock and tragedy. Rushing can cause poor decisions, and at Crane Funerals we always like families to take their time to make good decisions – ones that suit themselves, and also would’ve suited the deceased.

This young man’s family were able to slow down, consider their options, and in the midst of a tragedy give their brother / son a farewell he so richly deserved.