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TAC Funeral Support

Losing a family member in a transport accident is a traumatic and difficult experience.

How Crane Funerals can help with your TAC funeral claim

You are free to call Crane Funerals any time you need help with arranging a TAC funeral, and guidance through the various forms and information needed to claim for a funeral paid by the TAC.

We can help you secure support with funeral costs and counselling services. We can also work with the TAC to help find out eligibility for financial support for dependants. Our aim as with all our funerals, is to make the process as easy for you as possible with all the TAC funeral claims we handle.

Your family’s circumstances determine the types of benefits available to you. For TAC funeral benefits, there are limits to how much the TAC can pay. The amount to be paid by the TAC is assessed as at the date of death.

The TAC is required to look at each component and pay the “reasonable costs” of same. Technically, each case must be regarded individually. We will help guide you through the process.


Accessing TAC support

The TAC is a no-fault scheme. This means that regardless of whose fault the accident was, the costs are usually covered. TAC funerals in Victoria are covered for most accident circumstances if they occur in a Victorian registered vehicle. These include suicide; accidents where a pedestrian or vehicle occupant is hit by a vehicle such as car or train, tram or bus; or where a cyclist hits a stationary or moving vehicle or is hit by an opening car door.

There are only a few instances where liability may be in question.

The TAC can pay for family counselling services. This benefit is available to the spouse or partner, parents, children, grandparents, brothers and sisters of the person who has died.

If your spouse or domestic partner was contributing to your family’s income or caring for your children, the TAC can provide some financial support to help you cope. A “domestic partner” is a person who is in a registered relationship with the person or who is living as a couple with the person (regardless of their gender). The benefit you receive will depend on what your partner’s responsibilities were before the accident:

Lump sum payment
We can pay a one-off lump sum benefit. The amount will depend on the person’s age, family circumstances or any prior impairment payments.

As well as a lump sum payment,
a dependent partner may receive a fortnightly benefit and/or support at home.


If both parents, a sole parent or a supporting parent died in the accident, payments can be made for the dependent children of the deceased:

Lump sum payment
A dependent child is defined as being under 16 years of age, or aged 16 to 25 years and a full-time student, but does not include a child who has a spouse or partner. If there is more than one dependent child, this lump sum will be divided equally between the dependent children.

Fortnightly payment
We can pay the legal guardian each week for each dependent child under 16 years of age, or aged 16 to 18 years and a full-time student.

Education allowance
We can pay a yearly education allowance to the legal guardian for each full-time student, up to 18 years of age.

TAC can pay a certain amount to cover the reasonable cost of travel and accommodation for immediate family members to go to the funeral. The family member/s lives more than 100kms from the place where the funeral, burial or cremation is held.

– The blood alcohol level of the driver has no effect on the TAC funeral claim.

– If a person dies from natural causes at the wheel of their vehicle, they likely will not have a claim. The TAC must be satisfied that the death was as a direct result of a transport accident. They pursue evidence, such as an autopsy/coroner’s report or medical reports, before making their decision.

– The TAC is not able to accept a claim for accidents that occur in vehicles that have never been registered. Also, if the vehicle was once registered but has been unregistered for at least 12 months, then the injured or deceased owner may have no entitlement to claim.

– If the vehicle was not registered at the date of accident, the TAC will accept liability if the accident occurred in a public place, on a public highway or on public property and the vehicle was:
-Usually garaged in Victoria
-Not exempt from registration

TAC forms

Funeral and Dependency Claim Form

Crane Funerals will fill out this form for you after liaising with the TAC regarding certain details of the deceased and the accident, and the funeral claim number.

Dependants Statutory Declaration Form

Please use this form to tell the TAC who the deceased person’s dependants are:

Dependants Acknowledgement Form

Please use this form to let the TAC know the school, university or tertiary institution enrolment of the deceased person’s dependant children: