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Unattended, Bare Basics Cremation

Unattended Cremation Service Just $2950

The Unattended Cremation Service is our Bare Basics Cremation Funeral.

Not every family wants a full service. The needs of those families will be met easily with our unattended cremation package.

With the unattended cremation service, no “Funeral Service” as such actually takes place. It’s a simple, no fuss cremation option with no mourners in attendance. You will have the same qualified, attentive staff to oversee the entire arrangement.

And costs shouldn’t have to be a deciding factor in your time of need. Our fees are competitively priced. So, you don’t have to settle for less than the best for your loved ones.

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Unattended Cremation Includes:

Your Unattended Cremation price – $2950

(Total value of individual items above $3,610)

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D.V.A Pensioners / R.S.L Funerals. Returned service men and women (old or young) deserve nothing less than the very best in professional assistance. You will also receive special considerations / savings on our funerals. Feel free to call to discuss your R.S.L Funeral Services needs with us.

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