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Let Us Help You Celebrate Your Wonderful Life

A funeral is so much more than a way to say goodbye. It’s also the last opportunity to celebrate the life of someone special to you.

If a loved one has died and you’re planning a funeral, don’t be limited by tradition. History needn’t dictate the Venue or Ceremony style.

Funerals are changing to reflect your increasing desire for more celebratory Services. We offer a range of beautiful Funeral Venues across Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula.

There are many ways to honour your loved one with reverence and dignity. Let us support you in planning a respectful, loving yet special celebration of life funeral.

When planning with your family, here’s a list of 15 tips for arranging a Celebration of Life Funeral.

Select a venue that is comfortable, warm, and inviting.

Remember the venue is more about the living than the deceased. A Venue that pays homage to the deceased’s interests, but also meets the comfort criteria, is perfect.

In a Celebration Of Life, you may consider venues often used for weddings as opposed to funerals. They are generally bright and more cheerful than a traditional chapel. These Venues can be perfect for this type of service.

Perhaps your loved one was involved in a Club of some type. The Club House may be a perfect location for the service.

Crane Funerals have held Services at:

  • Yacht Clubs
  • Wineries
  • Fishing Clubs
  • Wedding Chapels
  • Other lovely Venues.

Just recently we held the very first funeral service at the Brighton Golf Club. The members who attended thought it was a great idea.

The possibilities of venue are many and varied. And it’s important to have the family discuss options before a decision is made. Maybe a particular colour was important to your loved one. Maybe a colour scheme at the venue could help add another nice touch.

Consider how many people you might expect to come to the Service. Sometimes it can be difficult, but it is important to estimate a figure. Then you can more accurately determine the size of the venue that you require, as well as other things.

Just as important as the venue is the day and time of the service.

A weekend Celebration may give more people a chance to come to the ceremony. Allow time for the preparation of Tribute DVD’s, music, service booklets, eulogies etc. Postponing the service an extra day or two where possible ensures all details are attended to with a loving touch instead of a rushed hand.

The time of day also may help determine refreshment / wake options after the funeral.

Arrange to let people know the date, time, and venue of the service.

Crane Funerals offers an Online Obituary / Funeral Notice which can be a good way for people to find out while waiting for a notice in a newspaper.

You might consider calling a group of 10 – 15 people from your loved one’s life (relatives, colleagues, neighbours), and in turn ask them to call people they believe might like to attend the service.

Another option is for Crane Funerals to organise seed packs.

Our printing team can produce packs with your loved one’s photo and planting instructions on the package. This is a special way to spread the memory of a loved one who enjoyed flowers, gardening, or ecology.

You need to consider food if you are planning on a function to follow the ceremony.

We have an experienced caterer on hand, and our amazing venues have a variety of options to satisfy the fussiest palate.

Everything can be taken care of to allow you more time to spend with your guests:

  • Cooking – from hors d’ouvre to a full meal
  • Linen and cutlery
  • Dishes and tables
  • And of course the inevitable cleaning up

Sometimes an after-service function is to be held in the family home. Here something more laid back can be a good alternative. Maybe a barbecue? Or ask guests to “bring a plate” which is a good old Aussie tradition.

These days many families ask mourners not to bring flowers.

Often instead they request a donation be made to a favourite charity of the deceased. Since a decent bouquet of flowers costs over $50, this can be a much-needed revenue raiser for the charity.

If you plan on offering a service program to attendees (we can organise this for you), then you will want to consider decorations or a “theme”.

Of course, it’s a good idea to enter the names of the people who will be speaking during the service. You may like to include a favourite poem or saying of your loved one. Maybe a verse from the Bible, or a meaningful photograph or prayer.

These booklets can become quite elaborate but often a heartfelt, simple yet stylish option fits the bill well.

If you plan on offering a service program to attendees (we can organise this for you), then you will want to consider decorations or a “theme”.

Of course, it’s a good idea to enter the names of the people who will be speaking during the service. You may like to include a favourite poem or saying of your loved one. Maybe a verse from the Bible, or a meaningful photograph or prayer.

These booklets can become quite elaborate but often a heartfelt, simple yet stylish option fits the bill well.

May we also suggest bubbles, or possibly ribbon “dancers”.

Balloons have been shown to harm the environment when released, so we don’t recommend that practice.

Bubbles can be just as beautiful to watch float away in the wind. It also gets any kids involved in the service a little more. The bubbles can form an expression of reaching out and up to your loved one as a final farewell.

Ribbons can be an even more engaging alternative. Ribbon “dancers” are beautiful and require people to move around and have fun!

A group of people spinning and twirling a colourful long ribbon following is a sight to see. Kids may enjoy this also. And it can make for a nice “guard of honour” for the hearse to drive away through.

At a Celebration Of Life service, white doves are seen as a powerful witness of your loved ones passage to heaven.

We are can offer this service to client families through a 3rd party supplier. As well as butterfly releases if required.

Delegate roles to trusted family members and friends.

You might like to have greeters at the door in addition to Crane Funeral’s staff. This can offer a little bit more of a personal touch. The Celebrant or Minister of course is an important consideration as they will be person seen the most on the day.

Pallbearers are important when the family choose to move the coffin either in or out of the venue. A clean-up crew might be necessary especially if you have a function at home. Spreading the responsibilities will make the day run more smoothly.
For the bookworms

Maybe your loved one liked reading and had a large library of books you don’t need now? Then possibly mourners could be offered the chance to take one to keep and read?

A bookmark with your loved one’s photo or favourite poem printed on it might also be a nice touch here also.

Your loved one may have had a beloved hobby or passionate interest.

A reminder of this given out to mourners can be a nice remembrance. If the deceased loved chocolate, then maybe you could put a bowl of favourite chocolates on the greeting table along with the funeral sign in book so that those with a sweet tooth could enjoy.

Why not consider using our horse-drawn carriage or Harley Davidson motorcycle hearse for your loved one’s final journey if horses or Harley’s were important in their life.

In conclusion
There are many thoughtful ways to personalise a Service.

The possibilities are limitless when it comes to arranging a Celebration Of Life Funeral.

We believe families who personalise their loved one’s funeral can better work through the grieving process. We will always strive to make this special day come together as perfectly as possible and go off without a hitch.

Funerals can be as much a sad experience – or an uplifting, joyful celebration – as you and your family desire.

As one of Melbourne’s leading bespoke Funeral Directors, the funeral you arrange with us is your choice. No strict, long list of “Package” funeral options to wade through and be restricted by.

Our clients appreciate
our warmth & care

We had prepaid for my father’s funeral. The costs were very reasonable, One phone call to Damian and the wheels were set in motion, He was very understanding and patient with us as we tried to put together content for the Service which was to be live-streamed due to Covid restrictions. He was available to chat at any time of the day and the Service went well despite the obstacles. Crane Funerals has looked after both of our parents funerals and I have no hesitation recommending them to anybody.


Recently we had a sudden loss in our family with a vehicle accident. It was one of the most difficult times we have ever faced. We were advised that there was TAC funeral coverage that we could apply for, but we weren’t sure of how to do everything, especially given our grief clouding our minds. We contacted a few funeral directors and Damian and Crane Funerals was our choice. Everything from the start was made as easy as possible, and they handled the whole TAC funeral application for us. My brothers funeral was exactly as we wished, and nothing was too much trouble for Crane Funerals – they made it simple and it was just so beautiful on the day.


Damian was excellent.We would highly recommend Damian and Crane Funerals. Damian was very supportive and caring, which helped us manage this very difficult time. He was understanding and went out of his way to help us with all our requests. Damian was compassionate and kind. We really appreciated everything he did. There was follow-up after the funeral and this was a nice touch.


Great caring service. Crane Funerals delivered a lovely service recently for our son who was taken from us suddenly in an accident. Damian arranged everything regarding the TAC funeral paperwork etc, and the service was excellent before, at, and after the funeral. Highly recommended for service and care – Crane Funerals handle everything with simplicity, straightforward advice and terrific customer service.