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Warm, professional and understanding

We’ve entered a World which often transcends the ‘traditional’ approach.

When it comes to funerals, you have enough to worry about without having a Funeral Director saying no to your ideas because “that’s not the way it’s done”.

And we understand you’re not willing to sacrifice when it comes to service. Your standards are sky high as ever. So, trust a Funeral Director backed by multiple Annual Customer Service Awards, for our 5-star testimonials and endorsements.

In fact, our professional knowledge and quiet, unassuming confidence speaks for itself. As you work with us, you’ll discover that Crane Funerals was created to provide grieving families the best of warm, professional and understanding care. 

What if you too could easily receive:

  • Respect
  • Genuine care
  • Premium personal service
  • Funeral arrangements on your terms
  • An old-fashioned helping hand with a smile

We don’t know about you, but we seek these traits in people who provide us a service.

Crane Funerals care about things other than the bottom line. We meet a need in Melbourne Funeral Services, as a competitively priced alternative to the big names. We comfort people. And we help people face profound loss. Let us help you give your loved one the best farewell.

Let Us Help You Do The Right Thing

Your family have turned to you now and placed their hopes on your shoulders.

You need to arrange a fitting funeral for your loved one. We invite you to engage our support. Let us help you arrange a Service that will help your loved one live on in your hearts and minds.

You are probably already aware, we occupy a special position; small and attentive, flexible and accommodating. Our difference is we listen to you, we don’t dictate proceedings. You too will receive this premium personal service, and we tailor funerals to suit you.

As you are sitting here reading, you may have already decided to join the list of discerning families increasingly aware of our proven, worry free service.

Picture at the funeral:

  • Your family and friends feeling more a part of the day and your loved one’s special farewell
  • People being greeted with warmth and a smile and feeling more involved
  • Everybody knowing they’re there to help you cope through your loss
  • Saying a better goodbye to someone who meant so much to you

These things are our primary focus. Let us help you with the best personal service.

You Too Can Cherish Fond Memories

We have great experience in this personal approach. You may know our Company Director, Damian Meehan. He has many years trusted Funeral Industry experience. A second-generation funeral director, he’s been honing his approach since 1996.

In fact, Damian ensures your time with us is much easier on you and your family. And further, for your added peace of mind, he takes personal responsibility for the care of your deceased loved one, because he knows how important that is.

You are free to choose to be able to look back knowing you did the right thing by your loved one. Your best choice is to contact Crane Funerals – nothing is too much trouble.

As one of Melbourne’s leading bespoke Funeral Directors, the funeral you arrange with us is your choice. No strict list of “Package” options to wade through and be restricted by.

If you’d like more information, or need immediate no strings attached assistance, now is the perfect time to call:

– Somerville / Mornington Peninsula (03) 5977 7198

– Montrose / Eastern Suburbs / Yarra Valley (03) 9761 8494

– Or Mobile 0447 727 263

Alternatively, feel free to send us a message via our secure contact form if you don’t need to talk with us on the phone just yet.

D.V.A Pensioners / R.S.L Funerals. Returned service men and women (old or young) deserve nothing less than the very best in professional assistance. You will also receive special considerations / savings on our funerals. Feel free to call to discuss your R.S.L Funeral Services needs with us.

Our Clients Appreciate Our Warmth & Care

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