Green / Eco Funerals

Environmentally Aware Funeral Options

Would you like to make your final carbon footprint a little greener?

Extending your environmentally conscious values from life through to death is indeed a noble idea. We respect your wishes and are glad to assist you with your options.

Our coffins are made in Australia (except our high quality, U.S made metal caskets, and willow/wicker coffins). And our products are made with either sustainably sourced plantation timbers, E0 (Formaldehyde Free) particle board, or cardboard.

So we actually feel all of our Services can be considered eco / green funeral options. Find out more about Our Services.

Australian Made Sustainable Wood Coffins

The coffin used mostly in our green funerals really is the Environmentalists choice. It is a raw finish flat lid coffin, made from sustainable, solid, plantation grown, Australian Radiata pine. Six rope handles complete its “back to nature” appeal.

The floor of the coffin is lined with a non-food, vegetable extract sheet. Trimmed with unbleached calico lining, and four wooden dowels to secure the lid. Matching timber handles are available at an extra cost if you find the rope handles too rustic.

This coffin combined with a ‘greener’ service approach, allows for a peaceful, meaningful funeral service, more in harmony with nature. We are able to switch coffins for you of course, so if you have another coffin in mind from our range please discuss your ideas with us.

Other Earth Friendly Options

Crane Funerals recognises the wishes of those seeking meaningful, yet eco-friendly services and products. Options for environmentally friendly Funerals include, but are not limited to:

  • Environmentally friendly cremation
  • Natural “bushland” burials
  • Coffins made in Australia with Australian materials
  • Online funeral notices and obituaries instead of newspaper print notices
  • Environmentally friendly / biodegradable embalming products such as the Champion Company’s “Enigma”, when needed (Yes they ARE available despite what some so called “green” advertisers will tell you). This embalming product is fully endorsed by the preeminent advocate of green funerals – the Green Burial Council – even though many people try to claim that embalming is banned from natural burial sites – it is not the case at all
  • Coffins or shrouds made with sustainable and biodegradable products and practices
  • Using recycled stationary in Order of Service bookletsCatering utilising locally produced, and organic fare

Reducing Carbon Emissions

These options aim to reduce carbon emissions. The act of grieving and celebrating the life of the deceased remain the same, simply combined with green values.

Crane Funerals acknowledge the poetic, “romanticised” view of green funerals, with bodies “feeding” the trees and flowers above. We hope however people understand the practical facts, instead of being tricked into purely sentimental “green” images. Some of this “green washing” doesn’t actually deliver added care for the environment.

Sentimentality aside, the ethos of a green / eco burial or cremation involves heartfelt, practical care for your loved one. This is the basis of all services Crane Funerals provide the Community.

As one of Melbourne’s leading bespoke Funeral Directors, the funeral you arrange with us is your choice. No strict, long list of “Package” funeral options to wade through and be restricted by.

If you’d like more information, or need immediate no strings attached assistance, now is the perfect time to call:

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– Or Mobile 0447 727 263

Alternatively, feel free to send us a message via our secure contact form if you don’t need to talk with us on the phone just yet.

D.V.A Pensioners / R.S.L Funerals. Returned service men and women (old or young) deserve nothing less than the very best in professional assistance. You will also receive special considerations / savings on our funerals. Feel free to call to discuss your R.S.L Funeral Services needs with us.

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