A Service To Reflect Who I Am And
What I Stand For

Your life and legacy deserve to be shared, honoured and remembered.

And that’s why we’re here. Together we will arrange a final farewell that reflects who you are. And support you to live on in the hearts and minds of your loved ones, and future Generations.

Let Us Help You Arrange Your Own Unique Farewell

You can be confident in our personal service. Our Director is a Second-Generation Funeral Director with over two decades experience. He is well known for his warm, professional and understanding approach.

So, if you’re seeking a competitive alternative to the high costs of the big names. And a Company with a track record of premium personal service at an affordable price. Then you too can create a pre-paid funeral plan with us. Speak with a Crane Funerals professional, today.

Your Pre-Planning Advisor Makes It Easy

You may have heard the value of pre-paid funerals. Some advantages to you include:

  • You have total peace of mind your future service will be as you wished
  • You remove additional stress and expense from your family
  • You avoid cost increases – you pay today’s costs with no more to pay in the future
  • You can spread costs across low monthly instalments if you need to

Many people are more comfortable making these decisions with funeral professionals. When you’re ready for us to help, we will support you each step of the way.

What do I do next?

Take the next steps in arranging your own special farewell.

1. You can speak with us now on (03) 5977 7198 or 0447 727 263

We’re here to help whenever you need us. Have you recently retired or perhaps you’re entering an aged care facility? When pre planning your future funeral, we support you and make it easy.

The thought of it may have you feeling empowered, or vulnerable. We’re here to guide you with experienced advice. You will be in complete control. Arrange the way you wish to be remembered when the time comes.

Our Director has been working in funerals for two decades, and yet is still young (if you ask him). He plans to be around for a long time to come, to personally help see your funeral wishes are followed through to the letter.

2. Request information, or schedule a meeting in the comfort of your own home

Along with the rational decision of pre-planning a funeral, you will have many emotional considerations also. We understand this completely. We’re known for our warm, friendly and authentic approach. Let us help you in a way that suits you best.

You can request further information to satisfy your curiosity. And we’re happy to meet with you any time to ensure you’re happy we are genuine, and worthy of your confidence. We look forward to meeting you when you decide our services suit you best.

3. You’re Free To Choose Crane Funerals When You’re Ready – Your Judgement Counts

Your final farewell is a celebration of your life. An opportunity for your loved ones to share special moments. And a time to remember you the way you want to be remembered. And we help ensure this happens.

For us, it’s a privilege to help you arrange your funeral. And we don’t take the responsibility lightly. We’re personally committed and invested in the process. All your wishes will be honoured as arranged when the time comes.

And we have the experience and understanding necessary to help you formalise your wishes. Your pre-paid funeral gives you control right to the end. Whatever you decide, it’s up to you.

Feel free to visit our pre-paid funerals page. You’ll find information on pre-paid funerals, and our investment partner, Foresters Friendly Society.

As one of Melbourne’s leading bespoke Funeral Directors, the funeral you arrange with us is your choice. No strict list of “Package” options to wade through and be restricted by.

If you’d like more information, or need immediate no strings attached assistance, now is the perfect time to call (03) 5977 7198 or 0447 727 263

Alternatively, feel free to send us a message via our secure contact form if you don’t need to talk with us on the phone just yet.

D.V.A Pensioners / R.S.L Funerals. Returned service men and women (old or young) deserve nothing less than the very best in professional assistance. You will also receive special considerations / savings on our funerals. Feel free to call to discuss your R.S.L Funeral Services needs with us.

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