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Religious & Multicultural Funerals

Funerals To Suit Your Family’s Needs

Let us help you meet your Religious and Cultural funeral requirements.

Our multi-cultural funerals in Melbourne are tailored to suit your family’s specific needs.

We liaise with Religious Temples, Churches, and Community Groups. Let us help your family and friends celebrate the life of your loved one no matter what their background.

Religious and Cultural customs are followed as closely as the family wishes. Some people are very traditional – others prefer only a touch of tradition in a more modern Celebration.

Our Director has served the multicultural community of Regional Victoria and Melbourne for many years. Our hands-on approach provides reassurance to families of varied faiths and Cultures.

Families Are Unique And Diverse

We acknowledge people of a certain Culture may not observe the exact traditions as others from the same Culture. We help you incorporate your own unique style into the funeral. Customising the service this way showcases your loved one’s culture or Religion, and also their unique place within it.

Damian Meehan – our Director – has variety within his own family too. Damian is a second-generation Catholic Funeral Director. He had an uncle who was a Catholic Priest before passing away in 2010. He also has a cousin who is a practising Buddhist Monk at a Thai Monastery in Melbourne. Damian is also married to a lovely Chinese girl (Kelly Yang), who also works in Crane Funerals. Families really are unique and diverse in their own way.

Your Choice

You are in control of the role your particular traditions play in the Service. Let us help you with respect, and an accepting attitude. We provide reassurance to your family through personal service and genuine care. We welcome you sharing your customs with us, so we can make your unique funeral ideas reality.

Crane Funerals always seeks specific Cultural / Religious guidance from the family, to ensure the exact service they want.

However, following is a brief rundown of Religious & Multicultural beliefs surrounding death and funerals. This does not fully detail all the intricacies. Individuals and families may wish to be treated differently than what their tradition normally advises.

When considering a dying person’s needs before and after death, the final say should come from the person themselves, as well as their family.

As one of Melbourne’s leading bespoke Funeral Directors, the funeral you arrange with us is your choice. No strict, long list of “Package” funeral options to wade through and be restricted by.

We're Here For You

If you’d like more information, or need immediate no strings attached assistance, now is the perfect time to call:

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Alternatively, feel free to send us a message via our secure contact form if you don’t need to talk with us on the phone just yet.

D.V.A Pensioners / R.S.L Funerals. Returned service men and women (old or young) deserve nothing less than the very best in professional assistance. You will also receive special considerations / savings on our funerals. Feel free to call to discuss your R.S.L Funeral Services needs with us.


Our clients appreciate
our warmth & care

We had prepaid for my father’s funeral. The costs were very reasonable, One phone call to Damian and the wheels were set in motion, He was very understanding and patient with us as we tried to put together content for the Service which was to be live-streamed due to Covid restrictions. He was available to chat at any time of the day and the Service went well despite the obstacles. Crane Funerals has looked after both of our parents funerals and I have no hesitation recommending them to anybody.


Recently we had a sudden loss in our family with a vehicle accident. It was one of the most difficult times we have ever faced. We were advised that there was TAC funeral coverage that we could apply for, but we weren’t sure of how to do everything, especially given our grief clouding our minds. We contacted a few funeral directors and Damian and Crane Funerals was our choice. Everything from the start was made as easy as possible, and they handled the whole TAC funeral application for us. My brothers funeral was exactly as we wished, and nothing was too much trouble for Crane Funerals – they made it simple and it was just so beautiful on the day.


Damian was excellent.We would highly recommend Damian and Crane Funerals. Damian was very supportive and caring, which helped us manage this very difficult time. He was understanding and went out of his way to help us with all our requests. Damian was compassionate and kind. We really appreciated everything he did. There was follow-up after the funeral and this was a nice touch.


Great caring service. Crane Funerals delivered a lovely service recently for our son who was taken from us suddenly in an accident. Damian arranged everything regarding the TAC funeral paperwork etc, and the service was excellent before, at, and after the funeral. Highly recommended for service and care – Crane Funerals handle everything with simplicity, straightforward advice and terrific customer service.