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Blair Maesmore Campbell

20-08-1946 ~ 03-11-2020

With current covid-19 lockdown restrictions, mourners at funeral services are still limited to 20 people. Although not the same as being there in person to support Blair’s family, his Service will be live streamed on Monday November 9th, commencing at 10.30am.

Please use the link below to log in to Blair’s live streamed Service from the Church just prior to 10.30am Monday:

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Blair Campbell – sportsman, journalist, and all-round magnificent man.

Passed away peacefully aged 74 years.

Son of Colin and Valma.

Brother to Allan and Christopher.

Father to Christopher, Timothy, Luke, Stephen, Naomi, Nathanael and Nicolaus.

Uncle to Natalie, Georgina and Veronica.

And adored grandfather to Leander, Rawson, Harvey, Lacey, Archer, Flynn, Mason, Sonny, Indie and Ryder.

Rest in peace.

Blair played as a rover and forward-pocket with the Tigers after working his way up from the Under/19s. He was a fine exponent of the banana or check side kick. In 1965 he won the VFL Under/19 Grade Goalkicking award. He started his senior VFL career in fine style when he kicked the winning goal in his debut game against South Melbourne in Round 17 of 1966, at the Lake Oval. He then missed the entire 1967 season with a knee injury, after finishing 1966 as best player in the Reserves’ Premiership side. He returned to the seniors in 1968 before crossing to Melbourne in 1969. He kicked 5 goals for the Richmond Seniors against Carlton in Round 13 of 1968.

He was also a fine cricketer whose main expertise was as a left arm wrist spinner. He represented the Prahran Cricket Club in Melbourne and batting 113 times, he scored 1677 runs with 8 x 50’s and a highest score of 84. He also took 246 wickets with one hat-trick. He played first-class cricket with Victoria and Tasmania playing a total of 19 first-class games between 1969 and 1980, scoring 312 runs and taking 36 wickets. His highest score was 52 not out for Tasmania against South Australia and his best bowling was 5 for 52 for Victoria against Queensland. He was a member of Victoria’s Sheffield Shield Champion side of 1969-70. Blair was also a member of the Sale-Maffra team which won the 1992 Country Week, Cricket Final. He was also a cricket writer with the Age and Herald newspapers.

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33 Responses

  1. Blair was a proper character!

    My initiation to Blair was facing him as a 15 year old at the College oval in roughly ‘95/96… he bowled me a big wrong‘in that I don’t pick and was almost bowled… in a very eloquent (almost posh) tone, Blair stated, “Michael, you really need to watch it out of my hand”… at this point Simon Williams (the non striker) turned to Blair and told him to shut up… with out missing a beat (or breath) Blair stopped mid sentence, turned on his heals to face Simon, raised both fists al la 1920s carnival boxing style and declared, “oh simon, thank you! I’ve been waiting for this moment!” Nothing eventuated, everyone calmed down and then Blair knocked me over a few balls later… with a wrong’un…

    Nowadays putting the dukes up on the cricket field would really be frowned upon (im sure it was then too), but as a young bloke Blair was something else… an enigma. From my limited game time with/against him he was just a wonderfully crafty, passionate and eccentric cricketer.

    Condolences to all the Cambos, close friends and family. Lots of love from all the Roberts’.

    1. I was ten years younger than Blair when he had a significant influence on me (and others) in 1967.

      From Darling Road Methodists, Lloyd Street, Hedgley Dene and in due course Melbourne High, Blair was the big brother admired and envied by a dozens or so younger, primary school boys.

      Cricket and football were obviously passions. In his Dad’s backyard he would baffle us kids with his unplayable wrong ‘un. He said it was his superball! (He actually used a Superball on a concrete driveway.)

      At Hedgley Dene, he would orchestrate the unofficial Sunday League. Little kids like us were drafted into the Casuals FC and were “looked after”.

      Blair was not only generous with his time. I recall him buying milkshakes for all of us kids after footy. Every Sunday. Ten or more of us. Each week.

      Commitment to his faith was obvious too. I think he would not yet have turned twenty-one at this point.

      Although I have not had any interaction with Blair at anytime in the last 50 years, I realised as my own children and grandchildren grew up that Blair Campbell was in fact, my role model.

      I am grateful for my own life’s journey which has included (either by coincidence or by design) a healthy serving each of football, cricket, faith and family.

      Thank you Blair Campbell for being the person you were and I hope you can be proud of me.

  2. What a beautiful and caring man! We only got to know Blair in recent years when he started attending Murrumbeena Uniting Church on a Sunday, and also supporting and participating in our weekly ‘Drop-In’ programme. He played an active role on the Footy Panel during the season, when he would meticulously report on each game played. He did this with the utmost dedication. Each week he would sing us at least one club theme song so by the time the season had finished, he had covered off on every team. He had a good singing voice!!

    Blair was also keen to participate in Bible readings during the Sunday service. He loved joining in and singing the hymns. We so loved to see Blair each Sunday as he was picked up and driven home by Peter Barnes (thank you Peter). A life well lived.

  3. Knowing Blair’s sporting prowess and my brother Paul’s, Geoff Edwards was quick to inform me shortly after I joined MUC and the Pancake Drop-In group, that Blair and Paul may have had a connection in the past. In conversation with Blair I learned he and my brother captained the State and APS U16’s football teams the year they played each other and also opposed each other in District Cricket matches. From then on I always felt a special connection with Blair. I also felt connected through our faith, he was that kind of man.
    I’m so glad he shared his lovely singing voice leading the AFL theme songs each week, although I’m certain he would have sung many more musical items over his lifetime.
    For such a high achiever Blair was an extremely humble man who bore his illness with dignity and without complaint. I am privileged to have had a short association with him in recent days.

  4. RIP Blair. Thank you for being part of our amazing history and the contribution you made to the Richmond Football Club. Condolences to his family and friends and all those who he touched.

  5. Fond memories of Blair of his time in Bendigo as a journalist with Bendigo Advertisor and as a player with Northern United.That was the time when very sadly Christine and Blair’s firstborn Christopher died soon after birth.

  6. Blair, your were one of a kind. I never played against you, but I did coach a junior team against you, and with you when your youngest played with us at Stratford. We had many chats about tactics and you were always willing to help anyone in the team. You were a champion spinner, but your knowledge of all bowling types helped many bowlers in the team. We didn’t always see I to I, but I will remember to good times we shared. You taught me many things about cricket. I try to pass on some of the knowledge that you taught me to others. My thoughts and prayers are with all the families. Thanks for the memories Blair.

  7. 242 will win you most grand finals. We (Collegians) put that total up on day 1 of the 1990 final. We were going to win it with Sale at 8 for 206. You thwarted us that day, your 13 and Harvey’s 26 won the game for Sale.
    By 1992/93 you are with us and in 1996/97 you were part of our first premiership team, the next year you won us our second premiership – 7 for 61 and we defended 169 on an atrociously hot day. Many great performances before and after – all records to you.

    Off the field, a great character and friend. Life throws up many hurdles and you had quite a few to get over.

    I imagine everyone who knew you will say the same.


  8. I had known the humble Blair for several years, as I volunteered weekly at Murrumbeena Uniting Church Drop-in and socialised with him and regular guests.
    As a youngster, I closely followed Sheffield Shield Cricket.
    One day, working in the kitchen at the drop-in, it dawned on me where I had heard the name Blair Campbell.
    Did you play VFL, Blair? Yes.
    Back to the kitchen. Another light bulb moment. I went out and asked another question: Blair, did you play cricket for Victoria? Yes.
    In all the time he attended our church drop-in, and later our services, Blair never dined out on his remarkable sporting career.
    When it came to sport, he talked to me only of how his sons regularly took him to country footy.
    As for his years at the drop-in, he headed a footy panel which sat well with a much-loved footy tipping competition.
    I will remember him for humility. And for the fact we were both journos.

    1. Blair …what a marvellous character you were. Your spirited youthful characteristics and clear perspective on life… for the moment…attracted to you so much following from the local young sporting populous..all in awe of your own sporting prowess..the apt title .. the Pied Piper of Paxton street.
      I was fortunate to be coached by you in the u13 East Malvern fc juniors….dare I say…the ‘little niggers’.. You introduced me to the Malvern Cricket Club and I went on to play against you in District First X1 ranks, you playing for Prahran….I recall vividly, you hitting the ball for an easy single, .jogging the 22 yards to the other end, bat held high in two hands, and perhaps because it was a beautiful day,……jogging a further 40 metres towards the boundary, before returning in a wide arc back to the bowlers crease to wait for the next ball to be bowled…..the quintessential non conformist!…The founder and originator of the “boomerang”.
      Blair…. you competed and excelled…. in all areas of your life….It was an absolute pleasure to have known and been guided you. You will be sadly missed by so many.

      1. Hi Rob,

        I think our own journies may have begun together (pre-Blair) with a stellar cricket season for All Saints East Malvern as 10 year olds? And your brother Bill?


  9. Sincere condolences to Blair’s family and friends.
    I had #35 on my Richmond jumper and was fortunate enough to be coached by Blair in 1967.
    I still remember the phone call when Blair invited me to play with East Malvern U13’s in 1969. Unfortunately I was unable to.
    We never met again but in some way Blair was always a part of my life. When such an impression is made in your formative years you don’t forget.

    1. Hi Peter,

      I recall you being a very fine SSB Little League footballer. Your remarks and reflections about Blair fully endorsed by me. My best wishes.

      Warwick Nolan

      1. I remember everyone from that team Warwick (still having the team photo helps)! We were more fortunate than we could ever have imagined or understood.

  10. Sincere sympathy to Blairs family, dear friend to Bill Young and family…..Blair had such fondness for Bill and his football playing days…RIP dear Blair….Love to his family and friends….

  11. Blair….
    I have known you since I was 14 and you were a handsome and talented sportsman as well as being my Sunday School teacher. I would watch many, many football and cricket matches with you and watch even more when you played the games yourself. Often the only places of interest I saw when travelling with you were footy grounds and cricket ovals! 😁
    I married you at 19 and had 7 children with you. Our seven children – Christopher (dec) Timothy, Luke, Stephen, Naomi, Nathanael and Nicolaus were and will always remain the most precious creations in my universe as I know they were in yours.
    I know how dearly you have loved each and everyone of them so rest easy now Blair knowing that I love our children equally as much and always will, till the end of my days. 🥰

    I remember you singing many songs and I also remember we sang together at a few functions and so because at this sad time I can still hear and picture you singing this particular song, I will include it now….

    “Don’t look so sad, I know it’s over, but life goes on and this old world will keep on turning, let’s just be glad we had some time to share together, there’s no need to watch the bridges that we’re burning…..Don’t say a word about tomorrow or forever, there’ll be time enough for sadness when you leave…

    For the good times” – sung by Perry Como (you wouldn’t have had any other version 😁)

  12. Vale Blair. Thoughts and prayers are with family and friends. We shared a unique relationship only understood by spin bowlers and wicketkeepers. Your humour, kindness and support for me will never be forgotten. Shep

  13. Christopher

    To you and your extended family, it was with great sadness to learn of your brother Blair’s recent death. My memory of Blair is vivid; a talented sportsman and a wonderfully caring and Christian person who was a role model to those who were privileged to know him, who played sport with and against him and the hundreds coached by him.

    I was privileged to have played football with him.

    My own personal memories include his love of the Saints, especially his idol Bill Young, fun times at the Molombo cafe, Sunday League footy at Hedgeley Dene, social footy games with the Leader, backyard cricket at Paxton St much to the annoyance of your next door neighbour, he performing Scottish Soldier on the VFL talent quest shows, his delight in smashing the ball over the trees at Royal Park when playing for Brunswick City.

    Sadly I lost contact with Blair some years ago after many years of corresponding with him by mail when he was living in Sale. Trying to read his handwriting was always a challenge.

    You should all be well and truly proud to have had such a wonderful human being in your family. He will, I am sure, be fondly remembered by so many.

    The Baron

  14. Thinking of you all and sending our love and big hugs to Tim, Luke, Stephen, Nay, Nathanael and Nic and to you aunty Chris plus all the little ones. Much love to you all, from Kyle, Genevieve and Alethea. Xxxx

  15. Thank you Blair

    You made a huge influence on my early life

    As a new boy at Lloyd Street Central arriving in Grade 6 in 1968 I was pretty lost but when you helped out at

    the school in sport , included me in at Darling Road Methodists Cricket club and the

    under 13 side at East Malvern FC (which you created) I felt so much more connected and part of everything

    Your ability to motivate young people is legendary

    Rest in Peace

  16. Thinking of you all today Tim, Luke, Stephen, Naomi, Nathanael and Nicolaus as you say goodbye to your beloved father Blair.. Treasure your memories of him. Always remembered .And to my dear sister Christine ❤️ much love always..

    1. Thank you for your love and your care and concern. Thank you also for arranging to spend today with my family. Love always ♥️

  17. Vale Blair. As a schoolmate of yours at Lloyd St Central we shared many classrooms together, we were born in the same year. You were always cheerful, humble, a natural gentleman and never spoke ill of anybody at any time. We ran across each other several times a few years after and you were always a pleasure to have as company. Go well in your journey.

  18. To beloved Blair, my closest childhood friend.

    We were best mates from around 1957. We lived two streets apart in East Malvern. We both attended Lloyd St Central School and Melbourne High School. We both went to Darling Rd Methodist Church and both played for the church cricket team. I left Melbourne to work full time in Woodend at age 17. Blair came to live with me there and attended Kyenton High School. Later we both returned to Melbourne and he took a very active interest in my football career. His coaching was solely responsible for me being selected for the opening Richmond side of season 1972. I then went overseas for the next 8 years and we lost touch a little but we always got together as often as possible for Melbourne High School reunions.
    Much loved and much missed.


  19. My Dad was the Minister at Darling Road Methodist, a very good sportsman in his day , Dad had a strong impact on Blair’s life. I remember at this time my brother Michael and others started an outreach program known as Intouch. When churches were struggling to reach young people Intouch ran some great Easter camps at Ocean Grove. Kids loved Blair, on Sunday afternoon Blair got a Box from the kitchen and a tennis ball, He said to the kids you defend the wicket by catching the ball when i bowl to You . Playing fair Blair said you must watch my hand a I bowl to you otherwise your out wise when the ball hits the packing case. All the kids lined up to show how they could beat Blair. I t was a slaughter of the innocents, even the most sporty kids could not catch the ball, as of course Blair was watching their eyes and their movement, On oe the best enhanced by the generous grace of god

  20. Farewell old friend and travel well. Vivid memories of H.j Cuthbertson and myself wandering around to the paxton palace with tennis balls for a game. Tick tock would be sunbathing on roof of the outdoor “loo” , Col sipping a diet ale long neck in the kitchen and if you wern’t home we’d just start anyway. Sooner than later you’d arrive, followed by David and Chris and it’d be game on…hour after hour. Al might even descend the ladder and do some keeping. It was a magical sporting childhood made possible because of your love of sport and more importantly your love of people. I got a real kick out of the 2 seasons of senior cricket and football we played together. Spin from both ends, Boomerangs galore from each pocket. The great legacy you left me was a notion that you always treat others well . Loved talking on Grand final day and being live in the room last week with your children, who, incidentally are magnificent and have handled your passing with aplomb. I will miss you but have some magnificent memories……some , I reckon, more accurate than your own.

    1. Hi Simon

      Fancy responding at this late date, just found out about Blair’s passing. I had contact with Tom Hafey prior to his passing telling me Blair had health issues. I have great memories of our time at Darling Road Methodists all those years ago, remember him packing 11 of us in his Holden sedan, mats and gear in the boot and ferried us all to games. What a gentleman, I have many find memories of him and our time all those years ago

  21. I was a former journalist colleague of Blair’s at Leader Publishing Co in Northcote during the mid 1960’s and played quite a bit of lunchtime kick to kick with him during that period when he was recovering from his knee injuries. We also enjoyed a lovely year together coaching the Richmond Little League team in 1967 to the Preliminary Final. Very fond memories of those times.
    I also faced some of his deadly left ‘armers’ in the nets at East Malvern. He wasn’t easy to pick!

    A little piece of deja vu. I later worked as a journalist on the Bendigo Advertiser and played football for Northern United. So did he, but each of us at different times. I thought of him a fair bit in recent times as we are the same age, but the regret will always be mine that we hadn’t connected again.

  22. I have just come across the news of Blair’s passing. Late I know, but I was not aware as I have had very little to do with Blair for a number of decades, life took us in different directions. I am sorry to hear of Blairs passing but from the lovely comments above I know that he was surrounded with comfort and love. My father the Reverend Ralph Beckett was the Methodist Minister at Carnegie (1967 -1972). I enjoyed a wonderfully active social and community life revolving around the Church, instigating many activities for young people. Blair appeared in that orbit of my life, he contributed much to my thinking and understanding – intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. I thank him for appearing and being in my life. God Bless. Alison Beckett.

  23. I saw him play for Richmond against Carlton at Princes Park and lined up for goal at the Robert Heatley stand end on a angle and held the ball in check side position and of course kicked a goal.
    I can honestly say he was the first footballer inVFL/AFL to kick a banana goal.
    He was eccentric in the way he played sport but I loved it

  24. Blair was a man of many talents and an inspiration for myself and so many other kids from East Malvern and beyond. I have felt for a long time it was his coaching, patience, good humour, support and kindness that gave me and a cohort of neighbourhood kids the confidence and self belief that set us up for life. He was an example to us all. I vividly remember Sunday League at Hedgeley Dene with the likes of the Baron, and the Dalai, milkshakes at the Delafosse (sp?) Milk Bar in Darling Road, backyard cricket at the Palace, trying to play his impossible spin and of course Col, Tick Tock (Al), Chris and David Morgan. He influenced, knew, and helped so many people in my early days, as evidenced above, it’s hard to quantify his contribution. Let there be no doubt, it was considerable. He was in modern parlance ‘an influencer’, a friend and so much more.

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