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Mark Blake Kilcourse

26-02-1978 ~ 05-07-2019

The Funeral Service to celebrate

the life of Mark Kilcourse will be

held in the Blair Chapel,

Springvale Botanical Cemetery,

on Monday July 22nd at 11.45am.

Mark Kilcourse – In the care of Crane Funerals

Mark will be sadly missed and always remembered.

Please find below a space to leave your personal tribute to Mark, or to pass on your condolences to his family. You are invited to leave a condolence / tribute for Mark any time. We have found these touching tributes are warmly received by families who have experienced the grief of losing a loved one. If you would like more information about our funerals, feel free to contact us any time on 03-5977 7198 or 0447 727 263.

21 Responses

  1. Wish we’d known each other better, I was a great fan of your dad, my cousin, he made the effort to keep in touch when our lives moved in very different directions. So sorry to hear of your passing, you’ll be in our prayers. With love Mike (Kilcourse)

  2. Killy, you were always in my heart and will forever be in my heart for all of time itself. You are a most beautiful and unique soul. One day we will meet again. I love you so much. Kerry xxx

  3. Mark (Killy) was a man who for me was so incredibley kind. He always had time for me both when it was good and also when hard. He was a character who even after all these years of being in Australia, at home in oldham; he was still talked about with a smile. He will never be forgotten because he was one of a kind, but also a friend. He went to sleep far too young and will be missed.

    Sleep tight mate


  4. Mark was a true friend. We met each other when we were 12 years old and became great friends. We shared lots of family holidays together with his dad Dave and had some fantastic times. Mark was best man at my wedding in 2003 and did a great Job. Everyone reported his speech was the best they had ever heard.
    I will really miss my friend. Mark was a great guy and I feel really lucky to have shared so many good times with him.
    Rest in peace mate.

  5. You’ve made us all laugh with your eccentric ways and attitudes and all the lads missed you when you went to Oz . Thank goodness for FaceTime. Alas you will be missed even more but remembered forever . So sorry you had to leave Killy, R.I.P.

  6. Rest in Peace Mark… or don’t… maybe rock Heaven with your dad instead… rock in peace… just be at peace…
    Sending you so much love wherever your soul is now… your beautiful soul which will be so missed and never forgotten… sweet dreams forever and always xxx

  7. Mark or Killy as you are known and treasured by friends and family. Just a few words to say that a day will not pass that I won’t think about you. You have touched many hearts in only a ‘Killy’ way. I first met you via Nicola from Nordek Close, gosh many years ago when curly wurlies seemed a lot bigger!…but we were friends and that was all that did also live next door to her grandma, which I think we should apologize for as I think we probably drove her crazy with our young shenanigans. We spent many younger years together of which is very difficult to write in a short note. However, as time drew on we disbanded, just for a short while to that thing that is called school. Hahaha. Luckily, maybe not for you, we met again with our band of friends that grew stronger and stronger with the years. I thank you very much for the time shared, not only with you but with everybody and together we stand strong and remember you Killy, because “Was Gidden, huh?’ Even if for the dinner date you turned up late – especially since the party was held only for you. I raise my glass, particularly a glass of my dad’s best vintage from the wine cellar, just for you, but I also raise it with everyone who knew you and loved you. Goodnight dear friend, when the time is right we shall meet again.

  8. Mark we only met you twice, at Joanna and Graeme’s engagement and wedding. Shocked and saddened to hear you’re gone. You are now with your Dad and at peace. We will remember you being full of life. Thoughts are with those left behind. Xx

  9. I have know Mark since we started senior school together. He has always been eccentric and my first meeting with him didn’t let this down. The first day of school he was wearing a trench coat, sheepskin gloves and a briefcase. This is the quality that many people loved and remember, that Killy was so different.

    I shared many fun times at school with Mark especially in design and communication. We has a great biking holiday in lakes with a few other school friends and weekly trips to mega bowl. Although our bowling skills never improved.

    A few years later we probably spend more time in the travellers rest pub than the furniture and had weekly trips to The castle/ Jacksons pit. Mark met many more long lasting friendships from these time.

    Unfortunately for me and the rest of your friends you moved to Australia but we were happy for you as this is where you wanted to be. You met Moy and had 2 beautiful children, your pride and joy. Everytime you talked about them your face lit up.
    When your dad passed we talked on the phone like we were kids and I’m so glad we had that.

    Killy I’m truly heartbroken that me eccentric friend is no longer here to make my life more interesting. Me, your friends, family and the world has lost one of the greatest funniest guys that ever lived.

    Sending my love, till we meet again big man

  10. Dear Mark,
    We are so sad to hear of your passing. You will be remembered by us for your thoughtfulness, kindness and friendly nature. Much love to you and your family and our sympathies to Jo, Graeme and Lily. Love from Jenny, Emma and the Boys xxxx

    1. So very sad to hear of Mark passing away, I worked with Mark & his father David for a few years, Mark was a really nice guy with a good sense of humour, I will remember Mark with fondness.

      rest in peace Mark you will be sadly missed!
      Your friend Karen

  11. We had the lovely privilege of knowing Mark this past year. It was a short time to have unfortunately. He impacted our lives with his drive to start his new business. It was a sudden loss that Mark left everyone too soon. He made so many plans with us for his business for his future. We are sorry that he’s gone. We will miss him. Our deepest sympathies to his family & friends.

  12. Dearest Mark,
    I will miss you mate. You were a good man, a good friend and a loving father to your kids. Rest In Peace

  13. I have known Mark all of my life. We lived across the drive from each other until Mark moved to Australia.
    Throughout our childhood we spent most evenings after school together. I would always know it was Mark that had come to call as he would virtually hammer the door down with his over zealous knock.
    We would then go out onto the street and play on our bikes, roller boots, skate boards or have a game of ‘kerby’ with the other kids.
    In our older years, we would spend hours in my house listening to music and talking.

    The overwhelming thing I remember about Mark was his ‘annoying’ ability to be talented at whatever he turned his hand to.
    Whether this was performing tricks on his skateboard, taking very accurate shots- at me- with his cap gun (I usually had the bruises to show for it), or his incredible skill at sketching and drawing. He also, always had the best outfits at our fancy dress parties and the best dance moves!
    He also liked to tell ‘a tall tale’. He would always try to convince me that he was at least 5 years older than he actually was.
    He used to drive me mad- but we were also great friends.

    I didn’t have much contact with Mark after he moved to Oz, other than the occasional text message.
    But when my Dad died in December 2017, Mark was straight on the phone offering support and recapping stories from our childhood. We remained in contact from then on and I shall be forever grateful for the on-going support he has given me.
    I spoke to Mark a couple of times after David died and I had been intending on calling him when I returned from a recent trip. Sadly I never got to make that phone call. And I can’t believe I will never speak to him again.
    We have all lost a funny, unique and talented man and I have lost one of my closest childhood friends.
    I will miss Mark always.

  14. Mark You were much more than just a friend to all our family . We will always remember the good times we had with you and your dad ,holidays and cycle races at weekends . You will never be forgotton Mark. We are all privileged to have known you , keep an eye on your dad . Miss you always.

  15. Mark or “Killie” as we call him was a legend. A true legend. Loved by so many people for being the unique, caring, kind, considerate, generous and the super funny person that he was. From the wild nights in Oldham, to the weekly meet up’s at his dad’s house watching the fast show, movies and sitting in his room listening to music there was never a dull moment amongst us friends.

    What really set him apart from the rest of us in my eyes was how much passion, drive and determination he had to do more than the average person. To be the best he could be. He was literally years ahead of us in so many ways. He was well travelled, cultured and his knowledge of food and wine was inspiring! Only now in my late 30’s am I finally doing things that Mark had done in his late teen’s. This is testament to the man that he was!

    A true trailblazer and a most importantly a dear friend. You will be sorely missed but never, never forgotten!

    Was Guidens!

    Gaz x

  16. So very saddened to learn of Mark’s passing. We worked together at Palazzi. Miles and Oliver will miss him greatly

  17. I have known Mark (Killy) since secondary school but probably only honestly could call him a real friend from our later teenage years.

    He had a huge heart and his passion for living life his own way was one of the things I respected most about him.

    Since we got the news I’ve thought and spoke a lot about our time as a group growing up.

    I’m amazed about how many sayings or jokes that have become part of my (and my families) daily dialog which actually originated directly from Killy or from the time we spent together as a group growing up.

    When I think about the energy and passion he put into our friend group I can only imagine the father he must have been. I am truly sorry his children and people that loved him have been robbed of his ongoing presence in their lives.

    Everyone that cared about him has lost someone truly special and unique.

    Rest In Peace my friend.


    1. Today searching for Mark on Google, then I came to know this very bad news that Mark is no more, My Mark met 4 times in austrlia when Mark was in palazzi, then Mark India also came .. Very good and man of heart Was always remembering you. I found out quite late. Miss u

  18. I’ve thought a lot about Killy, I didn’t find out the news until much later and I’m very sad to hear it.
    We had talked quite a bit on the phone recently and I wish I’d been able to see him.
    We always got on really well from the moment we met and I love how much he appreciated all the good things in life.
    He was such a positive, interesting and truly eccentric quirky person to be around and he followed his dreams.
    I will really miss him and I’m so glad that I knew him. He was a special person who brought fun and laughter to everyone who knew him.
    I’ll never forget him.

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